The Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution, which recognizes our God given right to bear arms and protect ourselves, is the most important amendment in the constitution. It is the cornerstone and foundation of our right to freedom. Without it our government can become a dictatorship and this has happened to many peoples throughout history. Our country was formed because of the need to protect our freedoms from the tyranny of Great Britain and in fact was ignited by the British army attempting to confiscate colonist’s weapons and because of high taxation without representation.

I hear a lot of noise lately about “assault weapons” and how they should be and have been outlawed however even this worries me. You see back in 1776 the citizens and the British army both had roughly the same weapons.. Now if the US citizens are limited only to specific rifles, handguns and shotguns then it is possible that if the time ever comes (God forbid) that the citizens of USA need to rise up and protect against tyranny we just may be at a disadvantage. The second amendment is NOT there to protect just hunter’s rights; it is there to protect our freedom from any tyrannical government!

You may think it’s an absurd idea that our own trusty U.S. government would take our guns away and then trample on our liberty… well; it’s already starting to happen! Get your heads out of the sand! Almost every country that has disarmed their citizens has also taken away their freedoms and in many cases have killed thousands or millions of their own citizens over time once they were disarmed. Most often this disarmament happened gradually over time, incrementally. Well, our government never lets a tragedy go to waste and will always use any gun related tragedy that happens to slowly pull our rights and guns away from us. Our government doesn’t particularly like the second amendment because it is the only thing that stands between them and ultimate power over us.

This is a serious matter. If you want to curb violent crime, be it gun violence, knife violence or any other method used to hurt and kill people, you have got to change SOCIETY! You have to bring back Godly principles to people… and sadly the direction we are heading is further and further away from God and deeper into secular society that has no lasting and just foundation to build upon.

We are living in serious times. A well-armed and trained citizenry is the best deterrent against foreign and domestic invasion against U.S. citizens. However if we are systematically disarmed, we are hopelessly vulnerable to both foreign and domestic tyranny and invasion.

I agree with you all that the recent gun violence is very tragic, but it is a product of our failing society and disarming our good law abiding people, while our own government stockpiles billions of rounds of ammo and weapons is not only foolish.. it is SUICIDE.. It is INSANITY and it must not happen!

Stop the knee-jerk reactions and THINK.. solve the underlying problem.. do NOT make it worse!! We have the right to protect ourselves, be extremely suspicious of anyone who wants to take that away from you!!! Guns and knives and sticks and stones are NOT the problem!! People’s hearts and minds are the problem.. Those who are going to hurt and kill will find a way.. don’t take away law abiding citizens ability to protect themselves!!