Hey there,

I was an early adopter and bought Windows 8 Professional and initially when I installed it I hated it.. I removed it after a few short days and re-installed Windows 7 Pro.. Eventually it became time to refresh windows so I dove back into a fresh install of Windows 8 reluctantly, but since I bought it, I might as well live with it right? Again after a day I felt lost, I literally hate the Metro interface and almost went back to Windows 7 when I decided to do a Google search for “Windows 8 Start Button fix”.. I found a website that listed the lots of alternative options but the one that looked the best and had great ratings was “Start Is Back” so I went to this place:


I installed the 30 day demo version and Instantly I felt back in familiar territory, it loads Windows into the desktop and when you move the mouse to the bottom left corner of your screen you get the Start Button  not that ugly annoying square… I only had a few more annoyances to take care of with Windows 8 but this was my biggest problem with 8.

I am still using the demo, but I am going to pay the $3.00 they ask for a single license, but you get Two uses with this license which is awesome.

The other problem I found with Windows 8 is that when I would open a media file such as a movie or song I would be forced back into a full screen metro player. What you need to do is change the file association to “Windows Media Player” or any other media player you install. Once you do this then your files will be opened in the desktop environment like you want it to.

Whenever I end up back in the Metro interface I do a quick ALT+F4 to get back to the Metro start screen and then quickly choose the Desktop trying not to look at all the scary Metro icons from HELL >.<


I hope this article helps!