I bought one of these Sata Docks so I could easily access data from hard drives without the need to get down on the floor, open the computer and connect a hard drive to the SATA and power connectors. In that way it saves me a lot of time.. I just insert the bare drive into the Sata Dock which is connected via USB cable to the computer.


This product has one MAJOR flaw.. if you connect to the PC using USB, and insert a hard drive, the drive will show up in the Device Manager as a “Generic USB Hard Drive” and this means that if you insert a Seagate or Western Digital drive and hope to use their proprietary disk cloning software you are SOL unless you have another WD or Seagate drive in the system. I also had a problem when I inserted an Intel SSD and tried to run the Intel SSD Toolbox.. It was a NO GO…

I chatted with Startech.com support and at first they said it should work, but after a little light troubleshooting I was told that this is the way it was meant to be and that it will always show up as Generic unless you connect using the eSata cable that is included.. Well Boo to that!

I have two Vantec USB to SATA bridge devices that both send proper hard drive information to the computer and therefore the utilities mentioned above work.. including the SSD Toolbox software.

In my opinion this product is a poor choice and you should get something better (like a Vantec product)

Chat Transcript included below if you’re interested:

9:47:38 AM Please hold, a StarTech.com advisor will be with you shortly…
9:50:28 AM You are now connected to Andrew Ewer
9:50:31 AM Andrew: Thank you for contacting StarTech.com, this is Andrew, how may I help you?
9:51:15 AM Wesley: I have a “SataDockU2E and no matter what hard drive or SSD is installed in the device, WIndows 7 only recognizes it as Generic External USB device
9:51:37 AM therefore SSD tools wont work and even Seatools which hunts for a Seagate drive will not work. please help
9:52:27 AM Andrew: Do you mean the SATADOCKU2E?  Website link here: http://www.startech.com/HDD/Docking/eSATA-USB-to-SATA-External-Hard-Drive-Docking-Station-for-25-or-35in~SATADOCKU2E.
9:52:36 AM http://www.startech.com/HDD/Docking/eSATA-USB-to-SATA-External-Hard-Drive-Docking-Station-for-25-or-35in~SATADOCKU2E
9:52:42 AM Try that second link sorry.
9:53:25 AM Wesley: Yes, that’s it and there appears to be no driver for the device.. Windows always detects each drive as a generic device and this is problematic
9:56:28 AM Andrew: Windows may detect our device as a generic USB device, but it should still see your hard drives properly.  With a hard drive in the SATADOCKU2E, can you go to Device Manager and look under “Disk drives” and tell me if you see the exact model of your hard drive listed there?
9:57:10 AM Wesley: Generic External USB device and then it shows my two internal drives.
9:57:29 AM Andrew: Generic External USB device is listed under Disk drives?
9:57:30 AM Wesley: it never shows the actual hard drive type in the device manager
9:57:35 AM yes it is
9:58:07 AM it always shows as generic external usb device and when I eject the device and turn the thing off, that goes away
9:59:09 AM Andrew: Do you have a second computer you can test with?
9:59:30 AM Wesley: I have a laptop let me try it also
10:00:01 AM Andrew: Okay, again please look under “Disk drives” in Device Manager.
10:00:06 AM Wesley: just one moment
10:00:10 AM Andrew: Not a problem.
10:01:47 AM Wesley: In Device manager under disk drives it shows up as “Generic External USB Device” and the drive shows up under Disk management also
10:01:58 AM this is on a Toshiba Tecra M11 laptop
10:02:22 AM however if I take these same drives and attach them directly to SATA in the computer, then they are identified correctly
10:03:16 AM I can test with th a third laptop if you think it will be helpful
10:03:37 AM Andrew: Can you test with eSATA on any of the computers?
10:04:31 AM Wesley: sorry no.. and honestly that is like just connecting directly to a sata cable in the computer :) kind of bypassing the USB to SATA bridge
10:05:12 AM without the drives being properly identified, my utility software does not work
10:05:48 AM Intel SSD tools will not work, Seatools backup will not work etc
10:05:52 AM Andrew: I just spoke with our Product Management Team on this issue, they say that is unfortunately how it works with USB.  You should not encounter this issue with eSATA.  I apologize for the inconvenience.
10:06:14 AM Wesley: i have two other USB to SATA adapters and they work fine..
10:06:19 AM this device is worthless
10:06:25 AM and should be recalled
10:06:55 AM Andrew: I will pass along your feedback.  I certainly understand your frustration, and again apologize for the inconvenience.
10:08:11 AM bye
10:08:20 AM Andrew: Thank you for contacting StarTech.com.  Please feel free to contact us at another time should you require further assistance.
10:08:22 AM Andrew has left the chat
10:08:24 AM The chat session has ended~~~  tHE eND! ~~~