Hey there,

 I just received the email below supposedly sent by “adsense-noreply@google.com” which is strange:

Hello,As part of our internal audit review, we identified a credit under your AdSense account that may be due and owing to you.

Since the date of your last transaction, there has been no activity from your account. As such, these funds are in danger of being escheated to the state. Unless we are informed of your ownership or beneficial interest in these funds, they will be placed in the custody of the State of California. If these funds are transferred to the State, you will be required to submit a claim in accordance with the statutory provisions of the State’s unclaimed property laws in order to recover it.

Should you wish to discontinue using AdSense, you can close your AdSense account. If you close your account, you’ll no longer have access to the Google code and you’ll receive no further emails from us. Your remaining earnings will be paid out according to the payment schedule outlined in the AdSense Terms and Conditions. Provided there are no holds, you have accrued more than 10 USD and we have a valid form of payment on file, you should receive your payment in the cycle following your account closure. For detailed instructions on how to cancel your account, click here

Sincerely,The Google AdSense Team

Strange huh? The weird part is that I log into my account and I cannot find any messages in my Adsense account.. it looks like they are indirectly asking me to cancel my account and take the money and go away… either that or I have been spoofed and someone wants me to give them my details and collect the little bit of money I have accrued…

What’s even more annoying is that it’s sent from an email address I cannot reply to and when I log into my Adsense account I cannot find any help nor can I verify any problem with my account….

My message to Google: KICK ROCKS!!!