This is a personal expression of my first amendment rights to free speech and is not intended to defame or harm anyone. This is for entertainment purposes only and the opinion here is not admissible in court:

I’m extremely sick and tired of bad laws and bad business policies which are written and enforced by both Government and businesses, making our lives much harder than necessary. Our culture is moving away from morality, service, friendliness and personal responsibility exchanging it for laws and regulations which are mostly written for the benefit and convenience of the government and companies and definitely to the detriment of the Citizen or customer. There are many examples of this however just today we had the words “policy” and “rules” thrown at us by our apartment manager and this hits home hard just how screwed up things are, how tough apartment managers are towards tenants; it’s no longer them providing us a service and us being customers. it’s more like we live under their rule and do it their way or the highway and they keep creating more rules and regulations while raising rent (and raising taxes) When did we lose our power both in Government and as customers? It’s happening incrementally! Slowly and surely!

Here’s the story:

Today (01/08/2013) Radhika went to her numbered parking spot to get in her new Jeep today and it was simply missing! Radhika called me as I was driving to work telling me that her car may have been stolen so I turned around, came home and called the police who said that the car was towed by our apartments towing company for a “private property violation”. Today is Wednesday, we bought the car Sunday and left a voicemail on the managers’ answering machine Sunday plus we wrote a note on our rent envelope the same day saying that we bought a new car and did not want it to get towed. We parked the car in our marked parking spot designated by our apartment number. We figured that this would be sufficient for a few days until we were issued another window decal for the new car.

I called this morning at 8:20AM and left a voicemail today telling the manager that our new car was towed despite our efforts to make sure that had not happened. The manager called us at 8:45 and said that we did not specifically ask for a replacement decal or she would have given it to us straight away. I protested that she did not follow up on my communication, she did not call me back and should have asked if we needed one.

I stated that we should be able to safely park any car in our designated spot without the risk of the car being towed and that she should consider running a sanity check on the policy of just towing cars without warning which are in the marked parking spots. This is when she threw around the words “policy” and “rules” and I let it be known in rather harsh words that rules and policies are not good or sane simply because they have been written, adopted and enforced and that this policy was harsh and not beneficial to the tenant.

Isn’t the whole reason for creating a parking policy to benefit or protect the tenant from inconvenience? Why was this policy not thought through carefully to avoid issues like this? Why instead does the tenant need to jump through hoops and hope they are doing things right to avoid trouble?

I understand the need to create a system that protects the parking convenience of tenants however this policy whether it is standard or not has not been thought through and is harsh in my opinion.

What sane, practical person driving a tow truck wouldn’t think this to themselves: “Hey, there’s a brand new car in this parking spot. It has no license plate and only temp registration” Maybe the tenant just bought a new car and needs to get a sticker installed…. DUH…. well this idiot tow truck driver either can’t think or doesn’t give a crap and towed it anyways for commission.

I think it is smarter to only tow vehicles that are in numbered parking spots if the tenant first complains that there is someone else’s vehicle there and ideally, the tow truck driver could post a warning sticker saying that the car lacks a parking decal and will be towed in X days if a sticker is not applied or the vehicle moved.

Why has compassion and decency died in America? Why has logic and sanity been replaced with cold, hard unforgiving rules?

In conclusion, the apartment manager relented and called the towing company and told them she forgot to give us our parking decal and the towing company allowed us to pick up our car without billing us..

Some flexibility should be there in the future to avoid these situations. Harsh unforgiving policy needs to be replaced with something reasonable. This is the same for many companies, many situations and many of our state and federal laws and regulations… they all need to be reviewed for a sanity check, compassion and reconsider just who are those laws and policies there to benefit? Them or us, the citizen / customer?