Christian? If so, I am “Post-trib” here are my thoughts on this

Belief or understanding of the timing of the rapture is not a salvation altering thing (thank God!) but I believe that being mentally aware that we will go through persecution or tribulation (as always) will keep Christians from losing their faith entirely or in other words “falling away” if they find themselves still on earth during the tribulation of the anti-christ instead of in the clouds. They have been taught for so long that they are going to fly away, what a faith-shattering shock that would be if it were not true!
 I agree that the bible says that we are saved from God’s wrath, but God’s wrath is something entirely different than the persecution and tribulation of man or even the persecution of the anti-christ during the tribulation. God’s wrath is a cup that is poured out at Jesus’s second coming where we are all changed at the moment of his return shortly after the two witnesses who are killed by the anti-christ are resurrected again.
If you look at the examples of the past in the Bible, God removed us from a location that was going to be destroyed only a few times and only when he was doing the destroying, like in the story of Noah and the Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah. Even then we were never removed from the earth or into the clouds. The rest of the time God brought us through the tribulation or trouble and helped us to get safely to the other side or survive where we were, for example, when Israel was freed from Egyptian bondage and chased by pharaoh through the dead sea. There are many examples of God protecting us right where we are instead of making us flee! Such as when shadrach meshach and abednego were thrown into the fire and protected by God and also Daniel in the lions den. etc.
God never asks us to retreat from persecution or tribulation of man and instead, when we are doing his will he has helped us have victory over our enemies for God’s glory. But when we are NOT doing his will… then he has allowed us as a people to suffer bondage and persecution and death many times! for example; to be conquered and enslaved by the king of Babylon, Egypt etc.
It seems that since the beginning of time, the good and the bad have both suffered for the collective disobedience of the people. Look at our world today, heck, narrow it down to USA only… Are we doing it right or not?
The tribulation of the end times is when we all need to gird up our loins and be men and women standing for God. It will be an extremely difficult time and we kind of deserve it don’t you think? God will help us it says.

Los Gatos Gardens Apartments – Parking Policy Sucks

This is a personal expression of my first amendment rights to free speech and is not intended to defame or harm anyone. This is for entertainment purposes only and the opinion here is not admissible in court:

I’m extremely sick and tired of bad laws and bad business policies which are written and enforced by both Government and businesses, making our lives much harder than necessary. Our culture is moving away from morality, service, friendliness and personal responsibility exchanging it for laws and regulations which are mostly written for the benefit and convenience of the government and companies and definitely to the detriment of the Citizen or customer. There are many examples of this however just today we had the words “policy” and “rules” thrown at us by our apartment manager and this hits home hard just how screwed up things are, how tough apartment managers are towards tenants; it’s no longer them providing us a service and us being customers. it’s more like we live under their rule and do it their way or the highway and they keep creating more rules and regulations while raising rent (and raising taxes) When did we lose our power both in Government and as customers? It’s happening incrementally! Slowly and surely!

Here’s the story:

Today (01/08/2013) Radhika went to her numbered parking spot to get in her new Jeep today and it was simply missing! Radhika called me as I was driving to work telling me that her car may have been stolen so I turned around, came home and called the police who said that the car was towed by our apartments towing company for a “private property violation”. Today is Wednesday, we bought the car Sunday and left a voicemail on the managers’ answering machine Sunday plus we wrote a note on our rent envelope the same day saying that we bought a new car and did not want it to get towed. We parked the car in our marked parking spot designated by our apartment number. We figured that this would be sufficient for a few days until we were issued another window decal for the new car.

I called this morning at 8:20AM and left a voicemail today telling the manager that our new car was towed despite our efforts to make sure that had not happened. The manager called us at 8:45 and said that we did not specifically ask for a replacement decal or she would have given it to us straight away. I protested that she did not follow up on my communication, she did not call me back and should have asked if we needed one.

I stated that we should be able to safely park any car in our designated spot without the risk of the car being towed and that she should consider running a sanity check on the policy of just towing cars without warning which are in the marked parking spots. This is when she threw around the words “policy” and “rules” and I let it be known in rather harsh words that rules and policies are not good or sane simply because they have been written, adopted and enforced and that this policy was harsh and not beneficial to the tenant.

Isn’t the whole reason for creating a parking policy to benefit or protect the tenant from inconvenience? Why was this policy not thought through carefully to avoid issues like this? Why instead does the tenant need to jump through hoops and hope they are doing things right to avoid trouble?

I understand the need to create a system that protects the parking convenience of tenants however this policy whether it is standard or not has not been thought through and is harsh in my opinion.

What sane, practical person driving a tow truck wouldn’t think this to themselves: “Hey, there’s a brand new car in this parking spot. It has no license plate and only temp registration” Maybe the tenant just bought a new car and needs to get a sticker installed…. DUH…. well this idiot tow truck driver either can’t think or doesn’t give a crap and towed it anyways for commission.

I think it is smarter to only tow vehicles that are in numbered parking spots if the tenant first complains that there is someone else’s vehicle there and ideally, the tow truck driver could post a warning sticker saying that the car lacks a parking decal and will be towed in X days if a sticker is not applied or the vehicle moved.

Why has compassion and decency died in America? Why has logic and sanity been replaced with cold, hard unforgiving rules?

In conclusion, the apartment manager relented and called the towing company and told them she forgot to give us our parking decal and the towing company allowed us to pick up our car without billing us..

Some flexibility should be there in the future to avoid these situations. Harsh unforgiving policy needs to be replaced with something reasonable. This is the same for many companies, many situations and many of our state and federal laws and regulations… they all need to be reviewed for a sanity check, compassion and reconsider just who are those laws and policies there to benefit? Them or us, the citizen / customer?

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I get the feeling that the people at Google don’t want my business…

Hey there,

 I just received the email below supposedly sent by “adsense-noreply@google.com” which is strange:

Hello,As part of our internal audit review, we identified a credit under your AdSense account that may be due and owing to you.

Since the date of your last transaction, there has been no activity from your account. As such, these funds are in danger of being escheated to the state. Unless we are informed of your ownership or beneficial interest in these funds, they will be placed in the custody of the State of California. If these funds are transferred to the State, you will be required to submit a claim in accordance with the statutory provisions of the State’s unclaimed property laws in order to recover it.

Should you wish to discontinue using AdSense, you can close your AdSense account. If you close your account, you’ll no longer have access to the Google code and you’ll receive no further emails from us. Your remaining earnings will be paid out according to the payment schedule outlined in the AdSense Terms and Conditions. Provided there are no holds, you have accrued more than 10 USD and we have a valid form of payment on file, you should receive your payment in the cycle following your account closure. For detailed instructions on how to cancel your account, click here

Sincerely,The Google AdSense Team

Strange huh? The weird part is that I log into my account and I cannot find any messages in my Adsense account.. it looks like they are indirectly asking me to cancel my account and take the money and go away… either that or I have been spoofed and someone wants me to give them my details and collect the little bit of money I have accrued…

What’s even more annoying is that it’s sent from an email address I cannot reply to and when I log into my Adsense account I cannot find any help nor can I verify any problem with my account….

My message to Google: KICK ROCKS!!!


Do not buy the Startech.com SATADOCKU2E Sata Dock!

I bought one of these Sata Docks so I could easily access data from hard drives without the need to get down on the floor, open the computer and connect a hard drive to the SATA and power connectors. In that way it saves me a lot of time.. I just insert the bare drive into the Sata Dock which is connected via USB cable to the computer.


This product has one MAJOR flaw.. if you connect to the PC using USB, and insert a hard drive, the drive will show up in the Device Manager as a “Generic USB Hard Drive” and this means that if you insert a Seagate or Western Digital drive and hope to use their proprietary disk cloning software you are SOL unless you have another WD or Seagate drive in the system. I also had a problem when I inserted an Intel SSD and tried to run the Intel SSD Toolbox.. It was a NO GO…

I chatted with Startech.com support and at first they said it should work, but after a little light troubleshooting I was told that this is the way it was meant to be and that it will always show up as Generic unless you connect using the eSata cable that is included.. Well Boo to that!

I have two Vantec USB to SATA bridge devices that both send proper hard drive information to the computer and therefore the utilities mentioned above work.. including the SSD Toolbox software.

In my opinion this product is a poor choice and you should get something better (like a Vantec product)

Chat Transcript included below if you’re interested:

9:47:38 AM Please hold, a StarTech.com advisor will be with you shortly…
9:50:28 AM You are now connected to Andrew Ewer
9:50:31 AM Andrew: Thank you for contacting StarTech.com, this is Andrew, how may I help you?
9:51:15 AM Wesley: I have a “SataDockU2E and no matter what hard drive or SSD is installed in the device, WIndows 7 only recognizes it as Generic External USB device
9:51:37 AM therefore SSD tools wont work and even Seatools which hunts for a Seagate drive will not work. please help
9:52:27 AM Andrew: Do you mean the SATADOCKU2E?  Website link here: http://www.startech.com/HDD/Docking/eSATA-USB-to-SATA-External-Hard-Drive-Docking-Station-for-25-or-35in~SATADOCKU2E.
9:52:36 AM http://www.startech.com/HDD/Docking/eSATA-USB-to-SATA-External-Hard-Drive-Docking-Station-for-25-or-35in~SATADOCKU2E
9:52:42 AM Try that second link sorry.
9:53:25 AM Wesley: Yes, that’s it and there appears to be no driver for the device.. Windows always detects each drive as a generic device and this is problematic
9:56:28 AM Andrew: Windows may detect our device as a generic USB device, but it should still see your hard drives properly.  With a hard drive in the SATADOCKU2E, can you go to Device Manager and look under “Disk drives” and tell me if you see the exact model of your hard drive listed there?
9:57:10 AM Wesley: Generic External USB device and then it shows my two internal drives.
9:57:29 AM Andrew: Generic External USB device is listed under Disk drives?
9:57:30 AM Wesley: it never shows the actual hard drive type in the device manager
9:57:35 AM yes it is
9:58:07 AM it always shows as generic external usb device and when I eject the device and turn the thing off, that goes away
9:59:09 AM Andrew: Do you have a second computer you can test with?
9:59:30 AM Wesley: I have a laptop let me try it also
10:00:01 AM Andrew: Okay, again please look under “Disk drives” in Device Manager.
10:00:06 AM Wesley: just one moment
10:00:10 AM Andrew: Not a problem.
10:01:47 AM Wesley: In Device manager under disk drives it shows up as “Generic External USB Device” and the drive shows up under Disk management also
10:01:58 AM this is on a Toshiba Tecra M11 laptop
10:02:22 AM however if I take these same drives and attach them directly to SATA in the computer, then they are identified correctly
10:03:16 AM I can test with th a third laptop if you think it will be helpful
10:03:37 AM Andrew: Can you test with eSATA on any of the computers?
10:04:31 AM Wesley: sorry no.. and honestly that is like just connecting directly to a sata cable in the computer :) kind of bypassing the USB to SATA bridge
10:05:12 AM without the drives being properly identified, my utility software does not work
10:05:48 AM Intel SSD tools will not work, Seatools backup will not work etc
10:05:52 AM Andrew: I just spoke with our Product Management Team on this issue, they say that is unfortunately how it works with USB.  You should not encounter this issue with eSATA.  I apologize for the inconvenience.
10:06:14 AM Wesley: i have two other USB to SATA adapters and they work fine..
10:06:19 AM this device is worthless
10:06:25 AM and should be recalled
10:06:55 AM Andrew: I will pass along your feedback.  I certainly understand your frustration, and again apologize for the inconvenience.
10:08:11 AM bye
10:08:20 AM Andrew: Thank you for contacting StarTech.com.  Please feel free to contact us at another time should you require further assistance.
10:08:22 AM Andrew has left the chat
10:08:24 AM The chat session has ended~~~  tHE eND! ~~~

My ICYDOCK MB994SP-4S review for my Dell Precision T7500

Recently I acquired a few used SAS 2.5″ 10K RPM drives and wanted to use them. I scoured the internet a few days and wound up deciding on the IcyDock MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage. I shopped around locally and found it at Central Computer on Stephens Creek BLVD in San Jose for about $65.00 plus tax.

I got it home, carefully installed all the SAS drives which fit perfectly and then installed the unit in my Dell T7500 Workstation only to discover that the plastic bezel that covers the 5 1/4″ drive bays is a little too large and will not allow the drives to be inserted or removed correctly without fighting with the Bezel. This I cannot blame on the IcyDock product but it was almost a fail for me. I decided to leave it as is and try it for a while. Unfortunately the drives got way too hot after about 15 minutes and I was forced to pull the unit out, carelly remove the drives and pack it back up to be returned.

Also, note that the screws that mount the 5 1/4″ form factor cage into the computer are very small and shallow and do not come close to being adequate to secure the cage in my computer. Being a Dell, the system is different also and I could barely get one tiny screw to hold the IcyDock unit in..

I do not reccomend this unit for Dell T7500 computers and I do NOT reccomend using SAS drives in this unit as they get too hot even with the fans..

– Wesley

Windows 7 will not boot without install DVD

I encountered this issue today and even though I am a 15 year IT veteran, in my haste I re-installed Windows without looking for a solution first:

After a fresh installation of Windows 7 Professional everything seemed fine, I updated all the drivers put my favorite utilities back in and then saw that I left the Windows install DVD in the drive.. I removed it and then restarted after more updates and I got an error that Windows could not boot and I should run the repair tool from the disk..

I restarted the computer with the install DVD in the drive, got distracted and missed the opportunity to press any key to boot the dvd.. however Windows booted!! I thought that was weird, and too good to be true.. I removed the DVD rebooted and tried again… FAIL!!

So…. Like a DOPE… I re-installed Windows 7 all over again thinking something was corrupt and BAM!!! same damned problem… so finally I put the disk back in the drive, booted and Googled “Windows will not boot without” and up pops “Windows will not boot without the install DVD” Selected that and the rest is history!

All I had to do to fix it was to change the SATA cable order on my hard drives. The boot hard drive was plugged into Sata port 1 and my data drive was plugged into Sata port 0…

Swapped the two, removed the Windows & install DVD and booted just fine! ALSO this same thing happened to me on another computer and I ran EasyBCD which is FREE and then found that for some reason the boot drive was set to D so I changed it to C and rebooted and everything worked fine.

Hope this helps someone!